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Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax Make UP



Ben Nye modeling wax is pliable, yet firm, to create simulated injuries such as a bullet hole or broken nose. To use: take small amount out of container, roll and soften in hands, smooth and shape on body to desired form. Set with castor sealer before makeup or liquid latex to form a skin barrier.

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Fair 1 oz (NW-1), Fair 2.5 oz (NW-2), Fair 8 oz (NE-3), Fair 16 oz (NW-4), Light Brown 1 oz (LBW-1), Light Brown 2.5 (LBW-2), Light Brown 8 oz (LBW-3), Brown 1 oz (BW-1), Brown 2.5 oz (BW-2), Brown 8 oz (BW-3), Brown 16 oz (BW-4)

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